Carabao Beach Resorts - Carabao Island is located in San Jose Town, Romblon, just North of Boracay Island Philippines
Carabao Island "the Next Boracay" main beach has powder white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Its More FUN in the PHILIPPINES.

Getting To Carabao Island Philippines

How to Get There - Carabao Island Philippines

From Kalibo, Aklan Airport
Take bus to Caticlan. The bus trip takes about an hour. From Caticlan harbor, take a motor boat to Boracay. The boat takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

From Boracay
Take a motor boat to the town of San Jose/Carabao Island. Or direct from Caticlan, one-way fare to San Jose. A chartered motor boat usually the hire from Boracay to Carabao is more costly. From Boracay, they can disembark directly to Lanas (Parcel II) or Tipok-pok (Parcel I). In fact these two sites are much nearer to Boracay than San Jose. San Jose town proper is at at the opposite side of Carabao island. Carabao island has paved road from San Jose to Lanas. By foot, mountain bike, motorbike, Tipok-pok could be reached from both places.


Carabao Beach Resorts
Carabao island is like Boracay during the eighties-the same powdery sand, crystalline water, and the same laid-back vibe.

News and Update
New Boracay’ set to rise.
Construction of the airport is expected to start in October 2008, according to the Romblon Investment and Tourism Promotions Office. San Jose Mayor Filipino Tandog said that the Carabao Island tourism masterplan had 28 components, with the foreign consortium carrying out the 27 components. Boracay Property Holdings would build the airport component on the northern part of Carabao Island, but there was no assurance yet if the project would start next month.

Tourist Attractions
Tinap-An Beach
Hambil Beach
Ngiriton Cave
Bunayag Cave
Angas Cave

Dive Sites
Cathedral Cave
Village Reef
Village Mountain
West Wall

Business and Economics

Investment Opportunities

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